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  Ranks Levels
Posted by: PatoBravo - 04-16-2018, 09:05 PM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - No Replies

Rank     Level        nr Ships                    Ship
1           0              2            Zephyr Fighter / Zephyr Carrier
2          500            5            Zephyr Hunter / Arachne Fighter / Arachne Carrier / Talos Carrier / Nereid Carrier
3         2 000          8            Zephyr Freighter / Arachne Hunter / Nisus Fighter / Nisus Carrier/ Nisus Hunter / Nereid Fighter / Hyperion Fighter / Moros Carrier
4         9 000          11          Zephyr Attacker / Arachne Freighter / Nisus Freighter / Talos Fighter / Talos Hunter / Endymion Fighter/ Endymion Carrier / Hyperion Carrier / Moros Fighter / Moros Hunter /   Helios Carrier /
5        16 000         10         Talos Freighter / Nereid Hunter / Nereid Freighter / Endymion Hunter / Hyperion Hunter / Hyperion Freighter / Hyperion Attacker / Moros Freighter / Helios Fighter / Helios Hunter
6        25 000         10        Zephyr Destroyer / Arachne Attacker / Arachne Destroyer / Arachne Behemoth / Nisus Attacker / Talos Attacker / Nereid Attacker / Nereid Destroyer / Endymion Freighter / Helios Freighter
7        36 000          5       Nisus Destroyer / Talos Destroyer / Endymion Attacker / Moros Attacker / Helios Attacker
8        42 000          5        Zephyr Behemoth / Talos Behemoth / Endymion Destroyer / Hyperion Destroyer / Moros Destroyer
9        64 000          7         Nisus Behemoth / Nereid Behemoth / Endymion Behemoth / Hyperion Behemoth / Moros Behemoth / Helios Destroyer / Helios Behemoth

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  Ship Ranks
Posted by: PatoBravo - 04-16-2018, 06:38 PM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - No Replies

     SHIP -----------------------Specialty                                   RANK  
Zephyr Fighter ----------- Cargo and Hull                                 1
Zephyr Carrier                Cargo and Hull                                  1            
Zephyr Hunter                Cargo and Hull                                  2
Zephyr Freighter             Cargo and Hull                                  3
Zephyr Attacker             Cargo and Hull                                  4
Zephyr Destroyer            Cargo and Hull                                  6
Zephyr Behemoth            Cargo and Hull                                  8

     SHIP                          Specialty                                   RANK  
Arachne Fighter             Speed and Mods                                2
Arachne Carrier             Speed and Mods                                2
Arachne Hunter             Speed and Mods                                3
Arachne Freighter           Speed and Mods                               4
Arachne Attacker           Speed and Mods                               6
Arachne Destroyer          Speed and Mods                               6
Arachne Behemoth          Speed and Mods                               6

     SHIP                          Specialty                                   RANK  
Nisus Fighter                 Guns and shield                                3
Nisus Carrier                 Guns and shield                                3
Nisus Hunter                 Guns and shield                                3
Nisus Freighter              Guns and shield                                4
Nisus Attacker               Guns and shield                               6
Nisus Destroyer              Guns and shield                               7
Nisus Behemoth              Guns and shield                               9

     SHIP                          Specialty                                   RANK  
Talos Fighter                 Speed and Evasion                            4
Talos Carrier                 Speed and Evasion                             2
Talos Hunter                Speed and Evasion                             4
Talos Freighter              Speed and Evasion                             5
Talos Attacker             Speed and Evasion                             6
Talos Destroyer             Speed and Evasion                             7
Talos Behemoth            Speed and Evasion                             8

     SHIP                          Specialty                                   RANK  
Nereid Fighter               Speed and Cargo                                3
Nereid Carrier               Speed and Cargo                                2
Nereid Hunter               Speed and Cargo                                5
Nereid Freighter            Speed and Cargo                                5
Nereid Attacker            Speed and Cargo                                6
Nereid Destroyer          Speed and Cargo                                 6
Nereid Behemoth           Speed and Cargo                               9

     SHIP                          Specialty                                   RANK  
Endymion Fighter             Guns and Hull                                 4
Endymion Carrier             Guns and Hull                                  4
Endymion Hunter             Guns and Hull                                  5
Endymion Freighter          Guns and Hull                                  6
Endymion Attacker           Guns and Hull                                 7
Endymion Destroyer         Guns and Hull                                 8
Endymion Behemoth         Guns and Hull                                 9

     SHIP                          Specialty                                   RANK  
Hyperion Fighter                speed and guns                             3
Hyperion Carrier                 speed and guns                             4
Hyperion Hunter                 speed and guns                             5
Hyperion Freighter              speed and guns                             5
Hyperion Attacker              speed and guns                              5
Hyperion Destroyer             speed and guns                             8
Hyperion Behemoth             speed and guns                             9

     SHIP                          Specialty                                   RANK  
Moros Fighter                   cargo and mods                              4
Moros Carrier                   cargo and mods                               3
Moros Hunter                   cargo and mods                              4
Moros Freighter                cargo and mods                              5
Moros Attacker                cargo and mods                               7
Moros Destroyer               cargo and mods                              8
Moros Behemoth               cargo and mods                              9

     SHIP                          Specialty                                   RANK  
Helios Fighter                  guns and evasion                             5
Helios Carrier                  guns and evasion                              4
Helios Hunter                  guns and evasion                              5
Helios Freighter              guns and evasion                              6
Helios Attacker                guns and evasion                             7
Helios Destroyer               guns and evasion                            9
Helios Behemoth               guns and evasion                            9

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  Weekend Bug Thread - April 7-8
Posted by: StarReaper - 04-07-2018, 07:58 AM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - Replies (7)

Signing Off for the night, I'm beat, will fix spelling mistakes in my list tomorrow and be back at it.

- Gen Raiders dont attack, they should attack all neutral and good players
- Gen Defenders need to be added, Nisus Behos that travel between Gen Planets, and Gen Gates, attack any evil player, and any player they see attacking other players
SOS offending players for 15 minutes, or tell destroyed.
- Jump still not 100% synced - Randomly need to click multiple times.
- Can Sell Only Ship Deck
- Space between Gen and Raider for guild
- Need a indicator to let you know which zone you are warping too
- Lets get rid of the destoriation on the HUD - See Picture
- Jump screen background looks very poor
- Satalites dont display full name of Guild
- Random button clicks drop you out of full screen
- Why cant i buy a full set of units? Slider bar should let me slide to max cargo hull size not just 100 at a time.
- Randomly have to click multiple times to get ship to jump
- Planet Info not Planet Infos
- On Planet Info screen should be Economy not Economie
- Resource Trade Timer sometimes sit at 0
- Creating New User Lagggy
- Website Slide show information doesnt link with proper slide picture
- Website dashboard should have option to easily go straight to buy additional PDC right from first page
- Notify Me Of Achivements
- Cut all Level 1-2-3 research cost 50% cut 4+ by 25% cost only, not time.
- Raise number of rouge asteroids by 25% for each sector
- Increase rouge asteroid respawn rate by 25%
- Raise Klynn respawn rate by 40%
- Group does not pay out rewards to all players in the hunting group
- Dashboard Admin screen doesnt display correct information
- Message Icon should blink or turn color when you have unread messages.
- Ships should not be able to appear under message Icon
- Ships change positions and move on screen once they have begun to attack, they should rotate but not actually move.
- Increase Trade Highs and Lows by 3 in all neutral areas. IE if high was 40, make it 43, if low was 16 make it 13
- Klynn dont seem to engage players
- Increase Gen Raiders respawn time by 25%
- Gen Raiders Dont Seem to Engage players
- Needs a Space between Gen and Crusader
- Put planet name in top right or top left of the landed planet screen.
- Under Zephyr under hanger, Nisus attacker and Talos Destroyer under
- Under Talos, under Hanger Talos Destroyer Missing
- Under Hanger entire Neried ship class doesnt show
- Under Hanger Erebos name change, correct ships need to be added.
- Notus Hanger Notus needs name change, chorrect ships to be added.
- There is a K14s and a K14 why? Change the name.
- On HUD when a ship is selected Display type of ship
- Gen Raiders Hit Points should be reduced by 25%
- Sort Items by Cost
- Add New Ship Stats
- Player should always have 30k at minimum after a death respawn
- New Players should start with 30k
- Cash Rewards should display in DC not PDC
- Need to be able to add multiple people to email system.
- Randomly you cant see the status of the ship your attacking
- Weapon Hits and Misses are not always synced, ship maybe losing hull while your fire goes past the ship.
- Value of Ship may not be being returned in correct format, you should recived 70% of total worth of equiped ship back.
- On Main Landed Screen Please Display the 00/1000 for the XP level to next rank.
- Add "Warning" Wav from Diaspora Classic when attacked.
- Lower Level 2 XP from 1000 XP to 500 XP
- Lower level 3 XP from 4000 XP to 2000 XP
- Multiple hits dont produce damage
- Increase all rewards on AI
- No explosion sound on asteroids
- Asteroids dont seem to drop VE or MG
- After guild research done, more slots are not made avalible.
- If you slide the shield-engine bar up and down a few times, it maxes out jump speed.
- On Trade Menu gray out options not yet avalible IE stock market
- Astroid Field below Tyros, raise number of asteroids by 15%
- Make Guns and Mod pods equipable anywhere.
- Weapons hit but do no damage from time to time.
- You were Destryoed message on Screen when killed.
- Chat system is laggy
- No impact sounds when weapons fire hits you.
- No laser sounds when people shooting at you

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  1.5 Release Notes - Iron Strike Edition!
Posted by: IronStrike - 02-16-2018, 10:30 AM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - Replies (3)

Good job on the progression, a lot of great additions!

Confirmed Working:

-Quest will now always fill again after completing them, without the need to disconnect
-Completed quest will now correctly be added to the historic, and players won't receive them again.
-Players will now receive quests of higher expertise level after the Tutorial quests are done
-In the cockpit central menu, scroll can now be done using the mouse wheel.
-Loots now correctly display on the right panel in the cockpit, without any overlap.
-Added backgrounds to jump map.
-When taking damage, the modules will now randomly spread the damage between them, instead of all taking the full amount
-Added health bar above ships currently engaged, the health bar turns from green to red as it depletes.
-Added Name box when hovering on a ship
-Added Achievement screen.
-Added XP reward when killing asteroids.
-Updated Pilot Summary menu.
-The non-homeplanet hangar is now enclosed.
-Added trade all button in the market UI.
-Fixed mining mission not tracking objectives.
-Added icons to quests and achievements
-Create, import and setup planet icons

Not Working:
-Added action pop up when right clicking on a ship. - This doesn't seem to be working. Is this only intended to work on actual players or NPC?
-By default the game is now fullscreen. - I did a fresh install and it does not start in full screen.
-Hit box do not rotate with the ship rotation anymore.

Unsure/Unable to test:
-Added trade in between players. - How is this done? Maybe a quick walk through.
-Militia do not attack players with contradicting affiliation on sight.
-Reduced Aliasing on the blue path in the jump map. - Unsure what that means
-Repair price set to 10% of the item buy price.
-Added guild revenue when owning a planet. - Got any formulas for this one?
-Added Notification screen (The only notification so far is when receiving money from another player)
-Imported and added Endy ships.
-Players can no longer engage ships within their party.
-After equally dividing rewards between the member of a party, the remainder of the division is now given to the killer instead of being lost.
-Satellites now only attack one target at a time

I'll test the rest when I can

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  Communication Updates - Concerns
Posted by: IronStrike - 02-16-2018, 09:56 AM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - Replies (4)

I've noticed that 1.5 has been out for some time, however I don't see the updates posted anywhere.  

I know we still in development but if you are asking us for our input and to find bugs, it would be extremely helpful to provide what changes have been made.  I've noticed a few posts on facebook but its just some teaser videos. The messaging needs to be the same across all venues.

Help us help you Smile

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  Quick Update - Looooweeeerrrrr Repair cost!
Posted by: StarReaper - 01-20-2018, 11:23 PM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - Replies (11)

Repair costs dropped let us know what you think!

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  New Ship Stats 1
Posted by: PatoBravo - 01-18-2018, 01:45 PM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - Replies (1)

first 3 ship stats give me your feedback

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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Smile Updates
Posted by: Szabonar - 01-15-2018, 04:17 AM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - No Replies

Great stuff! Thanks for the improvements Pato.

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  1.5 Targets - Place 1.4 bugs here for verfication and inclusion
Posted by: StarReaper - 01-14-2018, 08:44 PM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - Replies (19)

Launcher 1.3 

- Delivery system needs to be simplified. Users need to download a self extracting .zip or a .exe no more .rar stuff as only nerdy people have WinRAR and know what .rar is.
- Once game is launched, launcher should terminate to not use resources. 
- Default install path should be %root%\Program Files\AngryRabbitStudios\DiasporaMassExodus

1.5 Target Features and Fixes
- Lower Repair Costs Across the board
- Confirm Prompt for Buying or Selling ships.
-Make Planet Icons
-Trade menu : Add numbers for cargo without having to hover above it.
-Trade All button
-Hyperlink chat : Invite To Guild, Transfer Credits.
-Hyperlink when clicking a 3d ship model.
-Start the game full screen.
-Fix Anchor issues inside Hangar UI.
-Put a wall in non-home planet hangar.
-Make text fit their size for money and dates, and add commas.
-Switch Outline for Square.
-Force Cockpit explosion outside of the cockpit.
-Adjust price : HP on satellites.
-Turn Satellites into AI with a focus order attacks every guild which attacked him in the last 30 min, random targeting
-targets one ship at a time.
-Add health bar above ship being engaged.
-When hovering over ship display name.
-When you take damage, randomize the way it spreads to modules.
-Get 1 XP when you kill an Asteroid.
-When in a party, the modulo remainder of rewards goes to the killer in the party.
-Fix Mission Completed problems.
-Setup the 3 backgrounds for galaxies in the jump map menu.
-Trade currency between players.
-Add Achievements UI.

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  1.4 Release Notes
Posted by: IronStrike - 01-13-2018, 07:52 PM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - Replies (5)

Just logged on now to see a new version which is exciting!

The bad news is, I can't shoot anything, engine doesn't charge and I can't change my power bar.

The upside, I log into the game a lot faster Smile

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