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Photo New Galaxy
Posted by: Thomo_ - 09-08-2019, 11:52 AM - Forum: Public Development Forum - Replies (1)


Just wanted a to post the start of a new galaxy here so it does not get lost in the discord.  Hope you all like it!


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  2.15 Test Server Bug List
Posted by: Thomo_ - 03-18-2019, 10:05 AM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - Replies (3)

Please place all bugs from the test server here.

I will collate into single list.

- Planet randomly does not appear (Crontas).
- Planet Background randomly does not appear (Crontas).
- Fatal Error when checking planet stats (planet has no background).
- I can still see and add to the Bounty List without having the research.
- All nodes show as available to jump even though the jump drive is still charging.

Ships Scaling
- Still well off, I suggest trialling this if possible:
> Fighter reduce by 50%.
> Hunter reduce by 40%.
> Carrier reduce by 10%.
> Attacker reduce by 20%.
> Freighter reduce by 10%.
> Destroyer reduce by 15%.
> Behemoth increase by 5%.

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  Comet / Asteroid Event
Posted by: Thomo_ - 03-05-2019, 08:29 AM - Forum: Public Development Forum - Replies (1)

Comet Reaper

Comets could be used as a specific event. So let’s say this comet spawns every 6 hours. It has to look different to other asteroids though. Has a stupidly high amount of HP, like 50k. You can’t scan it but a warning goes out to all players that it has entered the system. It can jump anywhere in the neutral zone. When you pop it you get like 100k worth of resources.

Just another event idea. Let me know what you think.

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  Draft Updates
Posted by: StarReaper - 02-25-2019, 05:57 PM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - No Replies

Patch Schedule is a little hard as a post to update on the forum cleanly, so till I get a little more time heres the list.....


- Admin Console - Boot
- Achievements need to be displayed for other players
- Planetary sales tax which is paid to Guild Bank of Planet Owner.
- Bounty Hunter Upgrade - See If Player has a bounty, Upgrade 2, See the total Amount 500k 12 hours, 500k 12 hours
- View Guild Menu sort menus, remove fame, achievement and kills until we have some.
- Where are guild members on the map, Jump Screen Button.
- Better Notification for Guild Invites
- Chat randomly stops responding.
- Where are party members on the map, Jump Screen Button.
- News On Login Screen For Steam
- Alert for tutorial in the middle of the screen after first connection.
- Remove quests involving founding, or ranking up in guild.
- When selling items quickly it reverts to ships and people sell ships on accident even when there are still items in the list. Add confirmation checkbox to the notice to force players to check it and hit sell.
- Kay Grav - Kaydin Beho
- More Trader Ai Not Convoys, Well armed freighters.
- Tool Tips Chat System
- Tool Tips in Guild Center for Loan
- Tool Tip for Party System
- Adjust Jump Research times down - see Research Doc.
- Dysillica, HySang and Helliathan waaay dark on map.
- Cut down number of ships on screen by 10 so we can increase the overall size of the ships in space.
- Explosions need to be more transparent or a animation needs to be sped up when taking enemy fire.
- Decrease the amount of ships on screen and scale better. No more midget behos.
- Ability to change a players name.
- Ability to properly change the leadership of the guild back and forth between players
- Finish Fixing Memory leak
Bugs From 2.14
- Corridor Pirates quest asks for a cargo drop there is no cargo drop quest can't be completed remove.
- Ryujin need removing from one node each side of Tacitus Station
- Guild Tax last 30 Days occasionally doesn't populate for any on other than Guild Leader.
- Rogue Pirates (Hunter 2) Quest still resets when you log.
- Occasional fatal errors when landing (cannot recreate, just happens).
- Trade between Endy Station <--> Dysilica stuck on PA and CN respectively.
- Corridor Pirates congregate at the node one left of Jen Cando.
- When the server shuts down it doesn't save the PDC 'boosted' researches.
- If you get booted due to poor connection the client takes you to the home Login page, if you attempt to login you will be treated with a fatal error. Client has to be completely shut down and re-opened to prevent.
- Quick selling of items in hanger still randomly deselects the item causing ship to be sold.
- If you haven't completed the 'Create a Guild' or 'Rank up in Guild Quest' when your already the owner of a big guild you can never complete it.
- Seems to be a half-second lag/ delay in opening the Galactic Map/ Jump Screen which increases slightly when logged in for a long duration.
- Jump Range not added to the new nodes attached to Helliathin.

- New Menu System
- New Jump System
- Multi Language Support – Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Korean, German, Bulgarian, (Russian maybe)
- Tablet Beta
- Epic Platform Support
- Player Trade – Items, PDC
- New Cockpit
- New Standalone Tutorial Instance
- Rin Battle Satellite
- Bar with Chat area
- Bar – Black Market Menu to see items put up for sale by players, shows Name of Item, attributes, requirements,  price, and player for sale if seller allowed that.
- Bar – Ability for Players to sell Items – Name of Item, attributes, requirements displayed, player can choose price and whether to display name or not of seller. Black market items do not contribute to sales tax on planet.
- AI Drops for items, and Specialty Items

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  2.14 Bug List
Posted by: StarReaper - 02-25-2019, 12:56 PM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - Replies (1)


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  Rare Items / Bot Drops
Posted by: Thomo_ - 02-18-2019, 03:53 AM - Forum: Public Development Forum - Replies (5)

Super Rare
Legendary (or as I prefer Godly)

These will be the item categories that bots can drop. Means you will have to build an inventory to pick up and drop items in space and then at you home planet.

The way it could work is this:

Lazarus: only the Atty and Dessy drops common and uncommon items.
Rin: Only Atty and Dessy drops Common, Uncommon and Rare items. Moth drops all of the above plus Super Rare.
Sentinels: all ships drop. Fighters drop Common, Uncommon and Rare, Atty and Dessy drops same but Super Rare, and the Moth drops all and Epic.
Ryujin: all ships drop, Fighters, Hunters drop Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Super Rare, Attys and Dessys drop same but epic, and the moth drops Godly.
Kaydins: all ships have a chance of dropping all types of items.

All that needs to be done is work out the correct ratio. I think a little Easter egg would be nice that all ships have a chance of 0.1% of dropping a godly item.

Now with the items implemented you can do stuff like this:

100 Common + 50 Common + 5 Epic + 1 Godly + X amount of Money = +1 Pilot Ability.

But instead of making this available everywhere, you can bring some lore into it for Planets. So to get this ability you have to go to LM, and for a different ability you have to go to Hy Sing etc etc

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  Newbie Protection And Research Level increasing by rank
Posted by: hougochia - 01-28-2019, 08:14 AM - Forum: Diaspora : Mass Exodus - Replies (1)

to encourage new player to join the game , we should limit player below rank 9 should not able to shoot or being shot at.

Research level should only be unlock increasing rank especialy jump range.

rank 12 -->> corridor pirate
rank 13 -->> lazarous
rank 14 -->> rin
rank 15 -->> sentinel
rank 16 -->> open every research

in this way newbie will not die so easy that they feel fedup with the game. they would go hunt more for the level rather than just trading and research.

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  Finalized Useable Items
Posted by: StarReaper - 01-27-2019, 07:38 PM - Forum: Public Development Forum - Replies (3)

All items used in space will have a cool off period of 60 seconds. Which means no matter what item you use, you will not be able to consume another for 60 seconds. This of course this will need testing. Below are items that the community has come up with in conjunction with us, we both agree these items will be created. Now we just need to adjust the effect, and the base price. Because these items will be sold dynamically we need a base price to start at and based on supply and demand it will go up or down.  None of the numbers below are final, just that we agree the game needs this item. When we decide the costs will switch the text color to BLUE. Also these items will be over in the crafting department as well.

- Repair Bots - Repair your ships hull instantly in space. Great for a fight or a worst case bot encounter.


1 - Repair 10% of Hull

2 - Repair 20% of Hull

3 - Repair 30 % of Hull

Negative Effect - No other items can be used for 60 seconds.

- Spice Bomb - A mind stimulant to increase your reflexes. Great highs, bad lows.


1 - 10% Increase in evasion - 60 seconds

2 - 20% Increase in evasion - 60 seconds

3 - 30% Increase in evasion - 60 seconds

Negative Effect - No other item can be used for 60 seconds, evasion reduced to 0 for 60 seconds after use wears off.

- Shield Overload - Push all your power to shields and squeeze every last bit of power from the engines. Scotty would be proud.

1 - Boost shields by 10% - 60 seconds

2 - Boost shields by 20% - 70 seconds

3 - Boost shields by 30% - 75 seconds

Negative Effect - No other items can be used for 60 seconds, Jump engine charge speed is reduced by half for 120 seconds.

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  In Space Inventory
Posted by: StarReaper - 01-27-2019, 07:21 PM - Forum: Public Development Forum - Replies (1)

I'm thinking a normal everyday inventory consisting of a max of 9 items that can be clicked on to be consumed. Most items come with a standard cool down.


I think 9 items, no stacking should be easy enough to do, and not throw off balance.

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  Dynamic Planet Upgrades Working Thread
Posted by: StarReaper - 01-27-2019, 07:08 PM - Forum: Public Development Forum - Replies (1)

Current Planet Upgrades

Population Management (1-9) Population Increase

Economic Advances (1-9) +1 to economic modifier

Aggressive Tax Rate (1-5) higher taxes on population of planet


Imperial Reach (Matching Guild Research) - Must be researched at guild level first.

- Sales tax on goods sold at the planet ( 4 Stages ) maxes out at 1%

Cost Of Doing Business (Matching Guild Research)

- Sales tax on repairs done at planet (4 stages) maxing out at 1%

Halo Of The Gods

- Guild members who kill Ai NPCs within x nodes around the planet get a 3% bonus.  (3 stages)


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