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Full Version: Pre Registered Names and Guilds (6/29/17)
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Player Registration

 - Butler
 - Superetardo
 - Flanks
 - Kazeness
 - RomanTemplar
 - StarReaper
 - Romulus
 - Thomo
 - Stirling
 - FlashGordan
 - Darmok
 - Evan
 - Spectre
 - Maestro
 - IronStrike
 - Ultra
- AgentFoley
- Firepower
- Twatmonkey
- Red_Cloud
- Dominator
-buttersz tHeGrEaToNe

 Guild Registration
 Band Of The Hawk - Founder - StarReaper
 AVALANCHE - Founder - Thomo
 Ruff Ryderz - Founder - Butler
 KUSH - Founder StJosephCascadia
do we leave what name we want here after we made a donation?
Yes sir, or message me, either way I will add to the official list Smile
ok i a donation Big Grin can you please reserv Romulus for me please
Sounds good Smile updating now
IM keen "Xzaver" Smile 

Yeah my tmoth avatar spins Big GrinBig Grin had that chilling in a picture folder had to dust it off
I am locking in "Ultra" for my player name.


How much you want for a donation? Big Grin

Smile 5 bucks locks your gamer tag, but if you want to donate 5000 I wont stop you, hell will name a set of ships after you or a planet Wink

Prizes for donations are listed at the bottom of the gofundmepage
Reserving IronStrike please.
I put mine in my gofundme comment, but just in case - Spectre
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