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Full Version: Dynamic Planet Upgrades Working Thread
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Current Planet Upgrades

Population Management (1-9) Population Increase

Economic Advances (1-9) +1 to economic modifier

Aggressive Tax Rate (1-5) higher taxes on population of planet


Imperial Reach (Matching Guild Research) - Must be researched at guild level first.

- Sales tax on goods sold at the planet ( 4 Stages ) maxes out at 1%

Cost Of Doing Business (Matching Guild Research)

- Sales tax on repairs done at planet (4 stages) maxing out at 1%

Halo Of The Gods

- Guild members who kill Ai NPCs within x nodes around the planet get a 3% bonus.  (3 stages)

Will post more shortly, just getting the outlines up and running, currently population management is basically pay DC get more people which means more money. Great. However as we add a little more Zaz to it we would say : Population Management Level X cost a certain amount of DC + Food Supplies + Construction Material + Medical Goods + H20.