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Full Version: Missiles
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I don't know if this is the right section of the forums but when I was adding to Thomo's thread on QoL it obviously didn't fit.

Missiles have always concerned me about the impact they will have on the game balance and TTK. TTK is already pretty quick as is - specially with the huge variety and gap between ship classes and adding more dps to ships is just going to make it an absolute balancing nightmare in the future.

Just theory crafting here but a good and also less balance impactful implementation of missiles (assuming damaging missiles is the course that was going to be taken), which would not cause a lot of DPS and ship/weapon balancing issues would be to implement them not as damage inflicting but tactical aids instead. (Bear with me this is off the top of my head implementation) The amount of missiles you can carry depend on the ship type, the type of missile launcher you buy could dictate how frequently you fire a missile, as well as the accuracy of the missile or different missile types could have their own individual cooldown timers when fired- This gives the bigger more expensive ships the advantage of carrying more missiles and more varied types of missiles from the list below but not a overwhelming spam nature of having 12 missile launchers they can fire at once. (maybe dessy and behe could have 2 launchers)
Some suggestions for different missiles types you could buy with different effects such as:
  • Shield disruptor: temporarily lower shields by 5-10 for X amount of seconds
  • Flashbang missile:blinds player for 3 seconds (then immune for 10 seconds to stop spam)
  • Emp missile: disrupts target data  - hull, player search etc (used for escape)
  • Impulse missile: lowers evasion for X time
  • Counter measure missiles: intercept other players missiles - have to be a reasonable travel time on the missile animation to allow the player to react.
  • Targeting systems missile - disengages enemies weapons for 2 seconds or lowers their accuracy by 5-10
  • Dud missile - Very cheap missile, low cooldown timer. designed to trick the enemy into launching his countermeasure missile.

Then when you land to repair, you can also re-arm your missile selection as a separate expense.

Something along these lines would add a large amount of tactical depth to the combat. You could really lower the effect of some of the missiles and make them stackable with diminishing returns or hard limits (-2 per shield missile stacks up to -10) so the advantage is really low in 1 on 1 combat but worth it and not too extreme in the event of focused group targeting.
You could also have a misc item which limits the number of missile effects applicable at once to a ship or one that improve missile hit chance of the launcher.

This would give ship customisation a lot more depth too rather than just X amount of the best missile launchers you can buy at the time, like it is with the guns. Instead the player is buying a selection of tactical missiles for whatever the ships purpose is Eg: a trading Carrier ship would have,countermeasure, flashbang, targeting systems and emp missiles to help them escape players or AI

Alternatively you could have different missile launcher types for each of the missile types above without the need to buy missiles and just have cooldowns on the launchers.

Something like this would really shake up the combat from the current brain dead 'double click, more hull, more shields more guns wins' combat and give the game more room for 'pilot skill' which could allow people in worse ships to turn the tide of combat in their favor, really reward teamwork and coordination and give way to a lot of new, different strategies for group combat etc

Just my long winded thoughts.
Really good idea and adds a lot of depth to combat. Would require a ton of testing and tweaking but would spice up the game a lot!

It would also allow for the expansion of a Frigate class ship which focuses on missles and light firepower. It would most likely align with the Attacker Class and but have many missle pods and extra shields/hull like the destroyer class but less guns than the Attacker.

i do think there should be some damage missles, but only a couple of types with relatively low damage but guaranteed accuracy and less spammy. This can be thwarted by only allowing 1 missle on a hunter, 2 on an attacker, 8 on a Frigate and 3 for destroyer and behemoth. How you balance this between the classes of ships eg Helios, endy, arxh, bisus, etc would be interesting.

One thing which always annoyed me is all these faction classes of ships all have the exact same kinds of variety. It's kinda stale like that and leaves a lot of unsused ships in the game.