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Full Version: v2.04 Bug/Update/Spelling
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Stickler for spelling so apologies. But below is what I've managed to pick up.
  • Its great that I can now spam equip on the Misc Menu, but this is not the case for weapons. After three attempts I fail to equip the weapon, but when changing from In Hanger to Mounted it did actually equip them.
  • Instead of in Hanger for items, maybe inventory?
  • Still think the calling is massively off in the hanger, a Talos Fighter looks bigger than the Behemoth. Maybe just a simple zoom in and out for the camera would make the ship look small or large.
  • Options>Game> Maybe add a link to all the chat shortcuts? How to whisper etc?
  • Hover box on Game in Options, instead of 'Allows to activate...' should be 'Allows you to activate...'
  • When hovering over your DC amount on planet, spelling mistake on 'equipement', should be 'equipment'. This is the same for hoovering over Hanger.
  • Welcome tutorial box at the top spelling mistake 'Accecible' should be 'accessible'.
  • Hovering over the Leaderboard, 'List' needs to change to 'Lists'.
  • Hovering over the Unit under Guild Members, you have Additionnal where it should be additional. Personal instead of Personnal. Also same section, under Deposit, should be Make a deposit into your guild bank instead of 'make a deposit on your guild bank'.
  • Hovering over Research. Pilot Researches should be 'Pilot research allows...'
  • Allow specific capitals in pilot name.
  • Hovering over a yellow warning icon? States I have pending tutorial quests. Para underneath starts with tutotials instead of Tutorials. Same para, instead of 'learning you' should be 'teaching you'. Same Para, instead of 'Landed on a planet' should be 'landed at a planet'.
  • Under the hovering menu for Defence Management, it states 'guilds can manage the defence of the planets they control.' Does this mean I can see every Sat I own and repair them from any planet? IF NOT, needs to be changed to singular planet. Same Para, you use ** to quote a place to go and then a :: in the same sentence, needs to be the same. Same para, it states to destroy their satellites, referring to an option to have more than one?
  • Hovering Menu over trade. 'Allows access to the planet to buy and sell..' remove 'the planet to'.
  • Hovering over the Cargo menu at planet. It states -pilot upgrades (info>pilot>upgrades) when in fact upgrades need to be replaced with research.
  • Hovering over power bar. Second bullet point, says wrap instead of warp.
  • Hovering over Hull. Resplenish needs to be changed to replenish.
  • Hovering over Jump Drive. Spelling mistake, ful, should be full.
  • Hovering over Land, maybe add in there a double click of a planet/gate will do as well.
  • In the Galactic Map, the Help window at the top. Spelling mistake on final word, wrap instead of warp.
  • Cant seem to jump two down (down or either rights) from JC. Current Jump Range is: Level 6.
  • Problems with inputting whisper in the chat. no commands seem to work, only when right clicking on a name does it work.
  • A Help screen with list of commands, or how to raise a 'ticket; utilising the website. This could maybe sit on the home/login screen and then in options at the planet screen.
  • Halo around ships still too bright/thick.
  • With the hovering boxes switched on, you can not pick up loot from a sector.
  • Militia seem to be further below in the miners area than I remember? Is this a planned change? (2 Below Tyros)
  • Klynn seem to love the corridor from LM to Velic Gate 1, massive hoard formed 10ish. Not seen anywhere else.

Thats it for the minute, any more I'll add a new post.
If you use your mouse wheel to scroll through chat, as soon as you hit either top or bottom of the chat it will then change you power bar. Not sure if there is a way to separate these two?

Also, the chat icon no longer highlights to show new messages.
Thank you sir!

On Kylnn there zone of operation is now that corridor. We felt that early NZ players needed a solid low level hunting area so we decided to make a Klynn Zone.
So it seems you can't buy guns if your ship already has guns equiped..........
I believe most all of this has been addressed now but will verify.