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Rewards for achievements and each tier of them, maybe the rewards also vary based on the difficulty of the achievement maybe not.

Feel free to add all and any ideas to this post~

I mentioned this to SR, not sure if it was documented, but.. For an A.I bot and fairly easy, use the Militia starting names, and edit the second part of there name to something unique.. put them in Endiymon ships, and called them Corrupt Militia. Maybe put them under Jc and Jk up to Daynow, if that space isn't already with a purpose. Just a suggestion.
Putting it here for all to see rather than just it being on the Discord.

The Nisus, by mine and many other veteran's opinions (I've been asking around to gauge responses) while a great idea to have them specialise in Weapons and Shields, in some cases have some glaring faults that make it a simple choice why not to choose them when you compare them to other ships in their class tiers. Keep in mind these buff suggestions are the minimal to bring the Nisus up to a point where Players might consider them a viable choice. Also these buff suggestions were prior to the hull buffs that Freighters and upwards received in the recent patch, so any mention of hull increasing might need to be adjusted up slightly as hull hp has increased by a percentage based on base hull, leaving even larger gaps in hull comparisons.

So on to the suggested buffs to bring the Nisus classes up closer to balance and providing a viable choice.

Nisus Fighter needs to be brought down to rank 2, no one will use it at rank 3 because the hunter is better and has the same max speed.

Nisus Carrier needs its cargo brought up to 350, and another misc pod. As it stand it has far less cargo than even the Arach which doesn't specialise in cargo like the Zeph do. An additional misc pod also brings its misc pods up to balance with the Zeph, but leaves a difficult choice in whether to use it for speed or more cargo.

Nisus Hunter needs 2 more base speed. It is just far too slow compared to the other hunters. While 2 base speed doesn't sound like much of an increase to answer that, its a minor buff that gives the Hunter slightly more appeal with that extra gun and shield.

Nisus Freighter needs 4 more base speed, cargo brought up to 350, hull up another 100hp, and 1 more misc slot. The Freighter is by far the Nisus ship most needing of buffs, as it is so outclassed by the Zeph and Arach. The Cargo should be brought up to match the Carrier's, like it is with the other Freighters once the Carrier's is brought up closer to the Arach's cargo.

Nisus Attacker needs 2 more base speed. Once again, a small buff, nothing fancy, but bringing its one fault up a bit, yet perhaps needing more.

Nisus Destroyer needs 100 more hull, and 2 more base speed. Small buffs.

Nisus Behemoth needs 100 more hull, and 2 more base speed. More small buffs.

You do that and it will bring the Nisus up to par where the advantages of their shield and guns aren't overshadowed by the disadvantages they suffer elsewhere. Makes it a difficult choice between each ship.
To take true advantage of the shield upgrade the ships need their hull brought up closer, if not equal to or greater than the Arach, who specialise in Speed and Misc slots.
The extra gun, while increasing damage, has the downfall of reduced speed, yet that reduced speed at the moment is too great, and needs to be dialled up just a bit, so that while a disadvantage, its not debilitating to the ship class.
These changes will make the ship class more appealing to players, while still leaving them with disadvantages for taking the option of more guns and shields. These changes might still not even be enough, but it is at least a step in the right direction to bring these ships into the light, and not just the hands of bots.

Oh and Zeph Behemoth needs more cargo, since hull and cargo are what Zeph's do, yet currently the Arach Behe has more cargo than both Zeph and Nisus.
If we're not going to get any new ship plans to contest with the current or new a.i, might I suggest we get the ability to mk2 or mk3 them? Make it rank/exp requirement sure, but we need something to contest the a.i if we're limited to arachne moths at best.

If that would take to long, possibly just implement Talos plans at market? Make the moth like 6-8+ mil dc?
We are actually going to release all the ships to give a better path forward. When some of the balancing was done, it was done as a 9 ship set, and breaking it down by 3 ship sets just isn't making the balancing easier, or adding to the game. So will get them going and released asap.

Actually I would take a few notes from pDiaspora - I think Mike got a few things right over there. These things might be a bit more long term and take more time to build but can add some playful dimensions to the game:

- Bots that drop guns you can't by at the store - for instance you can hunt Endy High Council bots that drop upgraded Xens. (Kays drop some guns too etc..)
- Bots that drop ships you can't by at the store
- Bots that upgrade your guns - you can hunt Andros Shadow bots to upgrade guns
- Bots that upgrade your misc pods - you can hunt The Ellect (they got buffed neris) that upgrade your misc pods with +1 jump +25shield +50hull/cargo. You need to buy a very expensive MK2 misc pod, and it upgrades to MK3 Misc pods which can't be bought at store.
This is extra interesting tho because you have to upgrade those per ship, you lose the ship you lose the upgrade. So its not all about money anymore, you can have tons of money but still need to go through the upgrades when you lose a ship.

Ship refinement - thats a very late game element that might not be relevant for DM for now, but can be considered at some point. You have to buy GE thats only available on Seira and sell it to a bot that runs around LM-SJ-TY. it provides you with pvp extra defence. Really nice mechanic but again very late game.

Then theres the juggernaut - a once a day bot that takes an effort to kill (several moths in a node shooting for a few minutes), when destroyed grants premium exp and small gun upgrade to all in node, and grants the killer extra exp and ship refinement.
Once the guild chat is fixed and functioning properly, I think a good add to the game/chat would be a Guild MOTD(Message of the day) which would load every time you opened the guild tab(Once they set up tabs to be specific to the tab only) So the founder can set a message for the day or goal, or any news that the members can see if they aren't able to speak with them directly.
We are planning on advanced drops and bosses. All great ideas, and love the MOTD
The scale side scroll for putting money into guild, loans, etc, needs to go. It is horrid, nothing accurate about it. Add an arrow to exact your amount, or a box to input the desired amount. This trying to land on a number close to what you want to deposit is frustrating and a waste of time. All of the options relating to depositing money, or setting money amounts either need side arrows < and > and or a box to input the amount.

An idea for researches as well, unless you prefer people to manually have to fly to their satelites to do so.. is to add a que, so one research will start after the other.(as long as they have the funds in guild bank to do so). That is only if you don't intend/prefer guilds to have to manually go to there sats whenever research is done to start new.
An SOS player highlighter that highlights/flags players on the guild SOS as well as an SOS list to add enemies to. Apparently this existed in pDias, just never noticed or saw it myself.
Good idea. And will look at this SOS for a future update, we're killing the money scroll bars shortly
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